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Overview of our services

Riley Hayes Solicitors offers personally tailored representation to match both case requirements and individual client needs. A professional service to ensure high calibre representation from the investigation stage all the way through to the conclusion of proceedings. Whether in the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court, the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court.

Our team ensure the client is fully informed, involved and comprehensively represented ensuring the best possible outcome in every case. We have extensive experience of defending all types of crime and regulatory actions brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC, SFO and other Regulatory Prosecuting Authorities.

Riley Hayes Solicitors has a specialist Business Crime and Fraud department and dedicated Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Prison Law teams that consist of nationally recognised solicitors and solicitor advocates.

We are happy to discuss your representation in any criminal prosecution or regulatory action brought against you.

Police station

“I have done nothing wrong, so I don’t need a solicitor!” “I did the interview on my own.” “I thought I would be released earlier.” It’s an all-too-common mistake to make!

In fact, it is during the early stages of any criminal investigation when it is needed most! And, as investigations always start at the police station, this is where you will need a solicitor.

The police have far reaching powers to stop, search or arrest a person suspected of a criminal offence. Riley Hayes Solicitors are aware that this can be a very unnerving and stressful experience.

The assistance of legal advice during your detention at the police station can be critical and Riley Hayes Solicitors know that the whole progress of a criminal investigation is often dependent upon things said or done whilst in police custody.

We have an out-of-hours emergency telephone service number and attend at the police station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The department provides advice on a daily basis concerning:

  • Advice and representation when in custody and in interview
  • Advice upon police powers of stop and search, seizure and detention
  • Advice to third parties when a relative or friend is in custody
  • Police powers of arrest
  • Non-Police powers – all cases where an individual is wanted for questioning by HM Revenue and Customs, Serious Fraud Office, Department of Work and Pension, Department of Trade and Industry or any other investigative agency
  • Agency instructions from other solicitors are most welcome

Everyone interviewed under caution by the police is entitled to free legal advice and assistance.

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Magistrates court

Riley Hayes Solicitors represents clients in Magistrates Courts, Nationwide throughout England in all types of cases ranging from minor but important motoring offences, to the most serious of criminal allegations. We have seven solicitors available to provide advice and representation for your case. The Partners between them have over fifty years of experience in appearing at the Magistrates Court for bail applications, pleas in mitigation, contested trials and ancillary hearings.

We undertake thorough and detailed preparation to respond in your best interests to the charges brought. All of our magistrate’s team are also Higher Court Advocates with experience not only in the magistrates Court but also at the Crown Court, enabling them to guide you through your case from start to finish.

We have an established network of expert witnesses to assist in our preparation for your case should the need arise.

Representation can be through the Legal Aid scheme (where means testing applies) or on a private fee paying agreement.

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Road traffic and motoring law

Riley Hayes Solicitors has extensive expertise in Road Traffic and Motoring Law.

We defend all types of motoring offences, including Speeding, Drink Driving, Failure to stop, Failure to report and Careless Driving. Our specialist knowledge means that we frequently defend motorists on the more technical offences relating to allegations of Failure to Identify the Driver, Driving without Insurance, and Driving Licence offences.

We fully appreciate that the loss of your driving licence can mean the loss of your livelihood and we frequently advance ‘Special Reasons’ and ‘Exceptional Hardship’ arguments which enable clients to retain their licences.

We also represent and advise businesses and individuals regarding offences prosecuted by VOSA.

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Crown court

Crown Court cases are the most serious and complex matters within the criminal justice system. At Riley Hayes Solicitors, we appreciate that this is an intimidating arena for our clients.

Preparation for the Crown Court begins at an early stage, with the client fully advised as to the procedures and likely outcomes. Within the crime department we have seven solicitors who have attained Higher Rights of Audience, allowing them to represent you in the Crown Court and giving you continuity of representation from commencement of the case to its conclusion.

When matters are not retained in-house, experienced barristers are instructed from specialist chambers.

Crown Court cases routinely handled include:-

  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Drug trafficking/importations
  • Multi handed conspiracies
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Serious sexual offences

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Youth court

With varied and wide-ranging sentencing powers now available to the Youth Court, a high level of expertise, sensitivity and experience is required when dealing with the special demands that come with Youth Court cases.

This is provided by our dedicated Youth Crime team, regardless of whether the offences are minor or serious in their nature.

The department provides advice on a daily basis concerning:-

  • Advice and representation for youths at the police station
  • Advice and representation for youths at all stages of proceedings in the Youth Court and Crown Court including pleas, bail applications, trials and sentencing
  • Advice on appeals to the Crown Court against Youth Court decisions

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Serious and organised crime

We have experience in defending extremely serious criminal investigations and prosecutions brought by specialist police teams, including the National Crime Agency (Formerly SOCA), the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, and other specialist police units, the HMRC and other Major Investigation Teams.

Our cases include:-

  • Multiple homicide
  • Money laundering
  • Corruption
  • Kidnap
  • Conspiracy to import Class A drugs
  • Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

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Business crime and fraud

Riley Hayes Solicitors is a Very High Cost Case (VHCC) accredited firm authorising us to undertake the most complex matters. We have successfully defended business crime prosecutions brought by the Serious Fraud Office and other prosecuting authorities.

In the most significant cases that we defend we implement a team approach with a variety of experienced practitioners working together on one case. We use some of the most widely recognised and leading experts in their fields.

Some examples of our experience includes the following:-

  • SFO Prosecutions
  • HMRC Prosecutions
  • Tax evasion
  • VAT frauds (including carousel frauds)
  • MTIC (Missing Trader Intra-Community) frauds
  • Companies Act offences

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POCA / Restraint of assets

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 provides draconian powers to restrain and confiscate assets of those suspected to be guilty of criminal wrongdoing or who have been convicted of certain criminal offences.

Riley Hayes Solicitors has specialist solicitors who deal with Confiscation, Restraint and Cash Forfeiture. We are renowned for our expertise in providing legal advice and representation during confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court, or following the confiscation and seizure of assets by prosecuting authorities. We also offer expert advice in relation to Restraint Orders and cash forfeiture proceedings.

Our team has a wealth of experience in defending such matters, and we are often asked to advise individuals and third parties who are affected by Restraint Orders granted by a Crown Court before any charges are laid.

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Regulatory defence

Riley Hayes Solicitors regulatory defence solicitors represent individuals and businesses facing investigation or prosecution by a number of prosecuting and regulatory authorities including:

  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • Trading Standards Agency
  • The Environment Agency
  • Food Standard Agency
  • VOSA
  • Traffic Commissioner Inquiries

It is vital that expert legal advice is obtained as early as possible when dealing with any regulatory body

Our team have developed considerable expertise and experience through dealing with a huge variety of cases nation wide. We provide invaluable advice and representation from the interview and investigation stage through to Court proceedings at all levels throughout the country.

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Professional discipline

In recent times Riley Hayes Solicitors has developed specialist expertise in representing professionals who face investigation or disciplinary action by their regulators.

We have experienced solicitors who act for clients at all stages of proceedings, from initial referral and investigation through to full fitness to practise hearings. We deal with a wide variety of cases, ranging from registration issues to allegations of serious misconduct.

These proceedings often run alongside criminal investigations and we have unrivalled experience in representing professionals in some of the most high profile cases.

We understand fully the needs and anxieties of professional clients facing the potential loss of livelihood and defend clients before a number of regulatory bodies. These include the:

  • General Medical Council
  • Nursing & Midwifery Council
  • Health & Care Professions Council
  • General Dental Council
  • The General Pharmaceutical Council
  • The General Optical Council
  • Royal College of Vetinary Surgeons

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How are cases funded?

Crown court funding

Police station funding

Magistrates court funding

Private fee paying cases

An application for a Representation Order (legal aid) can be made to fund the work on a case and the cost of representation at the Crown Court. To be eligible for a Representation Order the Court will assess income and in some circumstances make a contribution order. If a contribution is required then, within 28 days of the case being committed to the Crown Court, a contribution notice or order detailing the amount that has to be paid will be received. In some instances where the disposable household income exceeds £37,500 per annum, legal aid may not be available.

Everyone who is detained at the Police Station has a right to free legal advice during their detention at the Police Station regardless of income or status. Anyone who is interviewed at the Police Station can request a solicitor of their choice to attend at the Police Station to represent them under the legal aid scheme.

An application for a Representation Order (legal aid) can be made to fund the work on a case and the cost of representation at the Magistrates’ Court. To be eligible for a Representation Order the Court must be satisfied that it is in the interests of justice and that income satisfies the means criteria.

For any client or case that is not eligible for legal aid funding, we are happy to provide a variety of innovative private fee paying options including fixed fees, capped fees and competitive hourly rates.

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