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Prison Law looks after the rights of prisoners who are on remand or serving a sentence. At Riley Hayes & Co we understand that the imprisonment of a person can be a worrying and distressing time for the prisoner and his family.

If you are a long-term prisoner or have only just been detained and are worried about what your rights and privileges are whilst detained, then you do not have to look any further.

At Riley Hayes & Co, we appreciate the emotional distress caused to you and your family during such times. That is why choosing the right solicitors will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

We have a Legal Aid Contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide highly skilled advice and assistance in a full range of matters including Parole Board reviews, disciplinary proceedings, adjudications, recategorization and others relevant areas.

We aim to provides a unique and tailored service to our clients as it ensures that the care they have received throughout their criminal matters does not simply end should they unfortunately end up in Prison. In addition to dealing with Prison Law issues, we continue to assist with Proceeds of crime (POCA), appeals against sentence and conviction and any prison law related issues.

Prison Law issues can be from any of the following which we can assist with through our specialist team:

  • Parole Board Review Hearings – Paper and Oral

  • Disciplinary Hearings involving external adjudications

  • Assistance with moving prisons

  • Assistance with re-categorisations 

  • Making representations against recall

It is instrumental that in Prison Law matters we get involved at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure any representations or preparation that needs to be undertaken is commenced at the earliest point.

Prison Law is funded under the CDS scheme which provides publicly funded assistance (Legal Aid) where a matter is deemed to have sufficient merits and benefit to the individual, and where they do not have significant private funds of their own. This means that, in almost all cases, the advice and assistance will be free to the client, subject to completion of some simple legal aid forms.

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